Vivo 50 Repair

Posted by Tony Burgos ,12th Oct 2020
Vivo 50 Repair

Vivo 50 Repair

Life is unpredictable. And always being prepared is the key! In solidarity with the current pandemic that has taken a toll on millions of lives, medical ventilators are a need of the hour. Vivo 50 is a trusted name when it comes to you and your family’s safety. Especially when we are dealing with a virus that targets your respiration, the Vivo 50 ventilator can be extremely handy.

Moreover, the coronavirus has set a new normal, hence even after the post-pandemic era, keeping the Vivo 50 around could be a great choice! But, maintaining a medical ventilator might seem extremely hassling. Well, this article gives you a vivid insight into the Vivo 50 ventilator repair.

What does the Vivo 50 offer?

Vivo 50 has become a beneficial device in recent days, It has a notable influence on our daily lives. It is a convenient medical ventilator that is designed for people weighing 10 kgs and up. TheVivo 50 ventilator spares you from the hassle of buying a separate pulse oximeter. It is equipped with an in-built pulse oximeter, and that’s not the end! It also comes with end-tidal c02 monitoring and has the capability to regulate FIO2 inline.

Moreover, the Vivo 50 ventilator also has a powerful internal battery that can last for up to 4 hours. To extend its usage, it also includes an external clip-on battery that adds on to the overall weight by 3 pounds. Although, this external power source is guaranteed to last for 8 hours!

With the latest Swedish technology, Vivo 50 ventilatorsare designed for different types. It can be connected with both passive and non-passive circuits. Moreover, this device supports invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes. It also comes with a target volume feature for better tidal volume delivery to the patient. It also offers an amazing leak compensation of 90 ml.

When to use the Vivo 50 ventilator?

The Vivo 50 ventilator is a lifesaving device that can be used in various events. No matter what age you are at, this can be effectively used. Here are some ways to use your Vivo 50 ventilator.

Surgery: This heavy-duty ventilator is fit for usage when you are under general anesthesia during surgery.

Recovering post-operation: Sometimes, even after surgery, there is a great need for a medical ventilator. The Vivo 50 can be a great addition.

When you cannot breathe on your own: This ventilator can assist in respiration if an individual has an affected lung or any other respiratory ailments that makes breathing independently difficult.

First of all, a ventilator is a beneficial device, as well as a fragile one. If not handled with caution, it might experience performance issues or even malfunction. In case any of that happens, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. Most of the ventilators provide after purchase services and customer service. Similarly, the Vivo 50 ventilators also come with after-purchase customer assistance. Make sure to avail of those services rather than being your own advocate.