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  • Refurbished Resmed Aircurve 10 ST
  • Aircurve 10 ST Bipap - 37306

Resmed Aircurve 10 ST - 37306

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    Refurbished Resmed AirCurve 10 ST 

    Model: 37306

    The AirCurve 10 ST is a bilevel device designed for patients who need need extra help with ventilation. The BIPAP/CPAP accessory triggers the inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) when the patient breathes in, and the physician can also prescribe a set backup rate to make sure the patient takes a minimum number of breaths per minute. Like the other AirCurve models, this device also includes wireless connectivity capabilities, enabling the physician to monitor and change settings remotely. Vsync leak management technology and TiControl optimize patient-ventilator synchrony, and the integrated HumidAir humidifier integrates warmth and moisture into the therapy, alleviating dry side effects. Choose from the AirCurve 10 ST or the AirCurve 10 ST with ClimateLineAir tubing for the ultimate in climate and humidity control.

    Product Benefits:

    • Provides excellent patient-ventilator synchrony
    • Reduces the work of breathing
    • Provides comfort with the integrated HumidAir humidifier and optional ClimateLineAir heated air tube
    • Syncs with myAir, a web based program for keeping track of data
    • Intuitive menus for easy navigation

    The AirCurve 10 ST is a bilevel device with a backup rate that provides exceptional patient-ventilator synchrony so patients remain comfortable and well-ventilated, reducing the work of breathing. Ideal choice for reliable, cost-effective noninvasive ventilation, when alarms are not required. AirCurve 10 ST with HumidAir packaged with ClimateLineAir heated tubing.

    Climate Control 
    With the AirCurve 10 ST Climate Control system, you receive constant, comfortable temperature and humidity levels during therapy. It's compromised of the HumidAir humidifier, which is built into the machine, and the ClimateLineAir heated air tube. 

    Available to all AirCurve 10 users, myAir is an easy-to-use web program that syncs up with your machine to let you know how you slept the night before, and helps you stay on track throughout your sleep apnea treatment journey. 

    AirCurve 10 ST user friendly Control Panel

    AirCurve 10 ST has an extremely intuitive user friendly control panel for even easier handling. There are three main buttons available: Start/Stop button, a Dial and Home button which is used to return to home screen. 

    The easy to read and understand screen icons include the following:

    • Ramp Time- allows patients to fall asleep on a gentler pressure. Ramp Time can be adjusted from 5 and up to 45 minutes. When Ramp Time is up, the device will automatically start delivering therapy at prescribed levels.
    • Humidity- easily setting the humidity that patients feel comfortable with
    • Humidifier Warming
    • Humidifier Cooling
    • Wireless signal strength- when wireless signal is optimal the light is green
    • Wireless transfer not enabled- when signal is weak the light is grey
    • No wireless connection
    • Airplane Mode

    AirCurve 10 ST Cautions:

    • Make sure not to overfill the water tub as water can easily enter the air tubing and device and cause damages
    • Use distilled water to fill up the tub
    • Never use hot water to fill up the tub
    • Always read carefully the mask user guide in order to set it up correctly and ensure that your device is working efficiently and in synchrony with the mask and tubing system

    AirCurve 10 ST My Options

    The device allows patients to truly personalize therapy to their needs and requirements. Accessing My Options is quick and easy:

    • Making small adjustments is possible with a tap on the screen or a turn of the dial
    • Set Ramp Time, Humidity Level or set the device to airplane mode
    • Run Mask Fit- this feature allows setting the mask in a perfect position, so that there are no mask leaks or discomfort present.
    • Enable Leak Alert- AirCurve 10 ST will beep if the mask leaks too much air. This way you can make easy and quick adjustments for a perfect seal and ensure you get efficient therapy all throughout the session
    • SmartStart option- when the SmartStart option is enabled, therapy will start instantly as you breathe into the mask. The device will stop delivering therapy after you take off the mask.
    • Warmup Function- you can easily and quickly pre-heat the water before you even start your therapy session. This way, you can ensure the air is never too cold/dry when you start your therapy session.

    AirCurve 10ST Technical Specifications

    Power supply: 90W
    Typical power consumption: 53W (57VA) 
    Peak power: 104W (108VA) 
    Operating temperature range: +41°F to +95°F (+5°C to +35°C) 
    Operating humidity range: 10 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) 
    Operating altitude: Sea level to 8,500' (2,591 m) / air pressure range 1013 hPa to 
    738 hPa 
    Storage & transport temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C) 
    Storage & transport humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing 
    Pressure sensor: Internally located at device outlet, analog gauge pressure 
    type, -5 to +45 cm H2O 
    Flow sensor: Internally located at device inlet, digital mass flow type, -70 
    to +180 L/min 
    Sound Levels:
    -SlimLine: 26.6 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA 
    -Standard: 26.6 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA 
    Power level: 
    -SlimLine: 34.6 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA 
    -Standard: 34.6 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA 
    Device Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.57" x 10.04" x 5.91" 
    (116 mm x 255 mm x 150 mm) 
    Weight (device + standard water tub): 44 oz (1248 g) 
    Weight (device + cleanable water tub): 44 oz (1248 g) 
    Housing construction: Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic 
    Water capacity: To maximum fill line: 380 mL 
    Air filter material: Polyester Non Woven Fiber 
    *ResMed confirms that device meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for all phases of air travel. 
    Wireless modules:
    Technology used: CDMA (USA and Canada only) 
    2G GSM (all regions except USA & Canada)

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